What to Expect Your First Time at Brandon Nazarene


What do I wear?

Clothes. Seriously. It's that simple. People wear anything from shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes, all the way to dress pants and a dress shirt. Most wear jeans and a casual shirt but come in whatever makes you feel comfortable. It's not about what you wear at Brandon - it's about making it as easy as possible for you to worship with us.

What do I do when the Offering Plate is Passed?

Pass it to the person next to you. That's it. We ask our first time visitors and guests to simply pass the plate to the person next to you. We offer online giving and so there are some who give financially regularly rather than in the worship service. So nobody knows who isn't giving. Money should not keep you from feeling comfortable at Brandon!

Where do I sit?

Anywhere you want. We have padded bench pews in the sanctuary and there is room for you to sit any place you'd like. Nobody is going to tell you to move or give you dirty looks for "sitting in their spot". Come in, sit down, and be open to whatever God has planned!

What about my Kids?

Everyone starts the service in the sanctuary; kids through senior citizens. We sing together and then the kids are dismissed for Kid's lesson. Our kids workers are all background checked and trained to work with your children so you can feel confident in their safety. Our kids area is open space for you to come and check on them whenever you'd like.

Can I drink water/coffee in the sanctuary?

Yes! Grab a cup of coffee from the foyer as you enter the sanctuary if you'd like, and sip throughout the service.